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Jul 28, 2011 2:00pm EDT
is not as big as they wanted it to be, but a short time ago senate majority leader harry reid warned that the bill will be rejected in short order. >> as soon as the house completes the vote tonight or this afternoon, the senate will move to take up that message that they sent to us. it will be defeated. they know that. >> so, no word as of yet from the president today on the standoff. earlier today, press secretary jay carney said that any bill would have to absolutely extend the debt ceiling until 2013, and nbc's kristen welker joins me from the white house. also in the press briefing, jay carney said that the bill being worked on right now is d.o.a. when it reaches the senate. >> yes, that is right. hello, thomas. good afternoon to you. he said it is d.o.a. and 58 senators have said they will come out to vote against it and he reiterated the call that the white house is not going to get behind anything that is not a long-term increase of the debt ceiling. but you know, people have been pushing this on this saying that past presidents have increased the debt ceiling for periods of
Jul 4, 2011 2:00pm EDT
cards and workout with people, you know. yeah, it is a big deal. it is kind of weird coming back to a population after all of this time, so, yeah, i was not expecting this when i woke up this morning, no. >> how is it going, salazar? >> pretty good. >> are you going to be okay over here? >> yes. >> do you know why they sent you here? >> because i completed the level six process, so my next step is level five, right? >> and you weren't having any issue with any of the staff over there? >> no. >> i need some reintegration even if it is tier time with some people just to get used to being around somebody. >> you know what i have to do first, right? make sure that all of the concerns and everything that i have to go through the file and everything and make sure -- >> i don't have no enemies. >> but you are a validated gang member, right? >> suspected. >> you are going to be okay over here? >> yes. >> we aren't going to have any busted windows or anything like that? >> no, not with 60 days to the house. >> okay. man. i want you to just stay cool, okay, man. >> back in level six, staff
Jul 13, 2011 2:00pm EDT
update on the situation in mumbai. >>> now to our other top story, several big developments in the explosive hacking scandal threatening rupert murdoch's media empire. earlier today, news corp suddenly called off its $12 billion bid to take over british sky broadcasting, the largest satellite broadcaster and hours before parliament was scheduled to vote against that deal. also today, prime minister david cameron said he would look into allegations that 9/11 victims were targeted in the scandal and here at home, new york senator jay rockefeller wants the fbi to look into whether the scandal has crossed the pond. rockefeller and others want to know if news corp's papers have broken u.s. laws and spied on people here in the states. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us now from london. there was pressure for news corp to pull out of this deal, and they caved into the pressure here. >> reporter: british politicians are much like american politicians, don't agree on much, but came together over this issue. they felt that murdoch needed to back off of this deal, a multi-billion deal to ac
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)